What is a Dream Diary? | Keeping a Dream Diary
The dreams we have, as long as we remember them, gradually fade from our memory if we do not write them down. You should keep a dream diary, so you do not forget dreams and also be able to learn how to interpret them to have a deeper understanding of your own subconscious.

What Is A Dream Diary?

A dream diary is a notebook to record the experiences that you have in your sleep, every morning. Therefore, when you wake up while they are still fresh in your memory, you are more likely to recall your dreams and this is the ideal moment to keep a dream diary. A dream diary allows you to record the date and specifics of your dreams. As a result, it helps you in tracking patterns, notes, or realizations regarding your mental, emotional, and spiritual health. You can record your dreams by taking a notebook and pen, or alternatively, you can use Dreambook Journal! A dream diary app that allows you to quickly and conveniently record your dreams. As you write your dreams in your dream diary online, you will get to practice keeping track of everything that happens in your dreams. If you find it hard to wake up and write your dreams by hand, lucky for you Dreambook Journal may help you as being an easy and understandable platform.

How To Write A Dream Diary?

The best way to keep your dream journal is to write down your dreams every day. At first, only a few things that are irrelevant or meaningless will come to mind. But little by little you will remember more and more details. When you wake up at night, don't hesitate to jot down at least a few details and keywords that you remember about your dreams. However, avoid spending too much time so as not to have trouble getting back to sleep. In the morning, do not get up immediately, take your time to remember as much as possible of your dreams of the night, then write it all down in your diary. The key rule is to write down everything without seeking for meaning or logic in your dreams. Don't censor yourself, even write down what you think is absurd or shameful since you will be the only one reading your own diary of dreams.

You may note the location of your dream, as well as the time of the dream: whether it is day or night, whether the time passes normally, or whether there are temporal or spatial breaks. Write down the actions, how the dream unfolded, everything that happened in it, and the feelings you had during that time. You may also note the context of your dream, what happened before, in reality, your state of mind, recent events. This will allow you to correlate the dream with bits of the reality and to be able to interpret all of this. Write in the present tense to make it easier to remember. You can also give your dream a title which will help you to reference later.

What Is The Purpose Of A Dream Diary

There are a few significant aspects of keeping a dream diary. First, writing down your dreams would encourage the unconscious to send more and more information which, once analyzed, would allow you to live according to its inner nature. It would also allow you to interpret your dreams, to find out what is going on inside you, as well as deep wishes, inner feelings and thoughts! Second, the more you write in your dream diary, the more you would dream in a lucid way, that is to say by being aware of dreaming so that they will start to get more vivid just as everything is real. Third, since keeping a dream book requires you into a daily habit of thoughtful observation, it would make you more aware of your surroundings as well as your inner self.

Should I Keep a Dream Diary?

Capturing memories of a dream as soon as you wake up in your comfy bed, even if it's in the middle of the night, helps you recall its contents and allows you to analyse it. What exactly was the dream about? Where did it happen? Who was there? Did it reveal something about yourself that you were unaware of? Yes, dream diary ideas are excellent to improve self-awareness, but the advantages of dream journaling don't end here. If you ask yourself whether you should keep a dream diary, we are here to present some compelling reasons for you!

First, keeping a dream diary will help you to reduce your stress level. In the mornings, allowing a few moments of silent reflection may be both relaxing and restorative. Moreover, writing down your dreams helps you to work through and embrace unresolved concerns in your waking life. Psychologists assume there is a scientific correlation between our brains and our behavior, and keeping a dream diary can provide insight into our minds. Secondly, it would definitely unleash your creativity. By recording your dreams, you will become more familiar with your brain's most irrepressible portions and grasp the untapped power of your imagination, allowing you to develop new thoughts and ideas. Thirdly, it will help you to learn from your mistakes. A dream diary will allow you to detect patterns in your dreams by revisiting them, which can help you spot behavioral patterns in your own life. In this sense, a dream diary may be a great tool for understanding your genuine sentiments and getting perspective on issues that you may not have seen properly at the time. Dream journaling is not about capturing your thoughts in beautiful and joyful writing; instead, it is about documenting sporadic visuals and sensations that will frequently make little sense. So it will make much more sense the more you recall and ponder on them. Being linked to our dreams is one of the most powerful methods we have nowadays to connect with our deeper, wiser selves.

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